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Why Fast Casual Franchise Model is the Best Franchise During a Recession

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Possibly the best franchise model to invest in is the fast casual franchise model. It has proven to bring in solid profits while other businesses around it struggle during the harsh times.

In this article you’ll see what exactly is the fast casual franchise model and why it is the best franchise model to persist through a recession.

Also, we’ll go through how they succeed even through the current recession caused by the pandemic and why a BBQ franchise is a great fast casual restaurant to invest in during these tough times for food establishments everywhere.

What is the Fast Casual Franchise Model?

A fast casual restaurant is one that gives you the convenience that fast food offers but has more of an inviting atmosphere where guests are encouraged to sit down and stay for a while. Also, the food is usually made with higher-quality ingredients than most fast food places.

Restaurant chains such as Panera Bread and Red Brick Pizza are examples of fast casual restaurants. There is a menu board where guests order their meals, much like in fast-food establishments, but then they typically sit at a table and eat the meal inside the restaurant rather than take it on the go.

What Makes Franchises Succeed Even in a Recession?

Of course, no business is truly guaranteed to succeed in a recession. However, investing in a franchise is one of the safest bets you can go for even in tough times. Throughout the ongoing pandemic in the United States, many restaurants have taken hits but franchises have stayed fairly strong.

Why do franchises still tend to turn a profit even when so many food establishments haven’t? To start, people tend to want to buy in for the bounce-back. Once a recession ends there is typically a pretty big boom and owning a franchise can become profitable very quickly.

When a recession is in full effect, people also tend to want to try something different to keep money coming in. A fast casual restaurant is one of the best franchises to own that can shake things up and find success even in tough financial times.

Finally, people still have to eat even in a recession. One of the main reasons the fast casual franchise is so safe is that people will come in no matter what if your food is good and affordable.

How are Fast Casual Restaurants Dealing With COVID-19?

What is unique about this recession is that it is amidst an ongoing pandemic. Sit-down food establishments are having all kinds of trouble dealing with the effects of this, so how are fast casual restaurants combatting this?

It all starts with the staff that helps run these establishments. All of them follow CDC guidelines by wearing masks and respecting social distancing even with their fellow employees. They are required to wash their hands or wear gloves whenever they deal with food as well.

In terms of their dining areas, they can stay open but need to be spaced far enough apart so people can properly social distance. Also, they must be cleaned and disinfected once someone gets up after eating.

Specific guidelines will vary from state-to-state of course, but people have trusted fast casual restaurants during the times of the pandemic.

Also, these restaurants have utilized things like online ordering and curbside to-go options that have helped them keep sales up despite some people not wanting to sit down and dine-in in the usual manner.

Why a BBQ Restaurant Works During a Recession

They’re Affordable

In particular fast casual BBQ franchises definitely see plenty of people during the hard times of a recession. Their prices are usually very reasonable and will leave you feeling full and content without spending too much.

Not all BBQ spots can boast this kind of affordability, especially if they are dine-in only and you have to tip your server on top of what could be an already fairly high bill.

For fast casual franchises though, customers don’t have to worry about tipping a server and can even box up half of a larger meal to get dinner for 2 nights in one order. Combining the fast-food style of ordering with better quality food makes for a perfect method of becoming a well sought out food spot during a recession.

They Serve Large Portion Sizes

BBQ chains are known for large portion sizes especially in the U.S. Most BBQ restaurants include a variety of sides like veggies, bread, and some mashed potatoes or fries that are just as filling as the main dish itself!

These big meals are, in all likelihood, way too much for one person to eat but that person could turn it into 2 meals or split it with a friend or family to save a little extra cash instead of buying two whole meals.

Not to mention, BBQ will always taste good when it’s reheated. You may need to keep some extra BBQ sauce in the cabinet or, better yet, offer a few extra packs of sauce for customers so they can make sure it tastes just as good the second time around.

People can’t afford to go out and get a $40 meal for two during a recession and for the same price, a BBQ meal could feed a family of 4 easily. People know this and will make their “going out to eat day” at the local BBQ chain to fill up while saving some cash.


A fast casual restaurant is one of the best money making franchises to invest in and can easily turn a profit even during a recession.

Making use of the fast-food ordering style and combining it with the dine-in style of sitting down in-store to enjoy your meal is something that has been proven to work time and time again.

If you are ever unsure about what food you will serve, BBQ is always a great option that people love for not only its affordability, but its top-notch taste that the whole family will love as well.

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