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5 Low Cost Franchises For Sale With High Profit


There is a lot that goes into picking the right franchise to join, but of course one of the most important factors is will you be able to be profitable and grow your business? The right combination of low cost of entry and ability to earn high profits is key.

Here are 5 low cost franchises for sale with high profit:

1. Coverall

Coverall is a commercial cleaner that has been in the franchising business for over 30 years. They have almost 10,000 locations all around the world and are still looking to expand. The initial investment ranges between $16,498 to $51,361 and the initial franchise fee ranges between $13,500 and $40, 320. Coverall franchise are very profitable because who doesn’t need help cleaning, right? And a cleaning service doesn’t have as much overhead as other franchise like restaurants have.

2. Cruise Planners

If you love helping people plan the cruise of their dreams, then you will love owning a Cruise Planners franchise. The initial investment is between $2,095 and $22,867 and the initial franchise fee ranges between $495 and $10,495. This travel agent franchise is home-based which also will help you cut costs as you launch your new business.

3. Fit4Mom

If you are a fitness junkie and a mom, you will love this profitable, but low cost franchise. The concept is that fitness instructors conduct fitness classes for mothers and their babies. The stroller classes are especially popular. The franchise fee ranges between $5,495 and $10,495 and the initial investment, $6,205 to $24, 285. Another plus is that you can schedule the classes to be convenient to your schedule.

4. Amazing Athletes

If you love working with kids and fitness, then Amazing Athletes is another great franchise option. They hold classes for children ages 2 ½ to 6 years old that teach them sports and discuss important health topics for their age. Amazing Athletes are located in around 28 states. The cash requirement is around $17,500 while the total investment to get launched usually runs between $25,000 and $55,650.

5. Chaps Pit Beef

In the fast casual sector, Chaps Pit Beef is the perfect choice for a low cost franchise for sale with high profit. They are known for their delicious meats always grilled on an open pit with special flavoring. They are also known for their high quality customer service, treating everyone like family. Chaps Pit Beef keeps its costs for franchisees low so that they are accessible to more people and they have a proven model of business to help you launch your own successful Chaps Pit Beef franchise.

When people think of franchises, they first picture fast food burger joints that sell typical fare like burgers, French fries and milkshakes. By choosing a barbecue franchise like Chaps Pit Beef instead, you will be able to offer your customers a totally different culinary experience that they will love, but still get the quick service they desire. With a barbecue franchise like Chaps Pit Beef, you can offer not only great barbecue, but also homemade sides like mac and cheese, Cole Slaw or green beans and stewed tomatoes.

Having been around for over 20 years, Chaps has built a strong loyal customer base that any Chaps franchisees can bank on. When you are building a new business from the ground up, you will have to create your own customer base. That is what is so great about joining Chaps. There are already a strong customer population craving your food.

In addition, Chaps has built a strong brand. People know what to expect when they enter a Chaps Pt Beef restaurant and when they see advertisements. This can also help you a lot as a fledging franchisee.

What really makes Chaps Pit Beef franchise program so special is that they offer a strong support structure for their franchisees, giving them all the training and resources they will need to run their own successful Chaps unit. The Creagers want their business to flourish so they take seriously the idea of growing new talent. They want you to succeed and will give you the tools to make it happen.

Overall, if you are looking for low cost franchises for sale, Chaps Pit Beef is one of the top franchises to own. Barbecue will never go out of style and barbecue franchises are the best money making franchises. And when you choose Chaps, you can feel confident that with Chaps’ unique take on barbecue that your restaurant will always stand out in crowd.

Chaps Pit Beef is constantly expanding and looking for new prospective franchisees. They offer a strong support structure as well as a low cost of entry to help ensure that you are successful. They will work closely with you not only during your restaurant launch, but also with regular operations.

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