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Why a BBQ Franchise is the Best Type of Franchise Business

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The franchise industry is still very popular today for people looking to become their own boss. The tricky thing is that there are so many segments of the franchise industry that it can be difficult to figure out what type of franchise is best for your needs.

Here is why a BBQ franchise is one of the best franchise opportunities and why Chaps Pit Beef is one of the best BBQ franchise opportunities.

Fastest growing in the Fast Casual sector

When you join a franchise program, you want to be confident that there are enough prospective customers out there to make your franchise business a success. When you choose BBQ franchise opportunities, you will have that confidence because BBQ franchises are the fastest growing in the fast casual sector. There will be plenty of opportunities for growth here.

BBQ feeds the masses

There are very few foods that everyone likes, except for barbecue. Very few people dislike BBQ. So when people are looking for a restaurant for their night out with friends or family, a BBQ franchise is always a great choice. And there may not be many of BBQ options to choose from, depending on the area.

A simple menu allows for perfecting skills

What is so great about a BBQ franchise is the simplicity of the menu. Usually there is only certain popular barbecue items on the menu which allows you to perfect them so that your customers keep coming back for more. And remember that simple doesn’t have to mean boring. Spice things up to attract more customers, but stick to your barbecue roots so that you are always providing the best barbecue possible.

Large market appeal

Another great thing about a BBQ franchise is that it has large market appeal. BBQ is one of the hot franchises right now, appealing to people of all walks of life. Did you know that the BBQ market is under served in contrast to the pizza market, which is really saturated right now? There is no better time than now to capitalize on the BBQ franchise opportunities available in America and beyond.

BBQ is as American as apple pie

Summer time and family gatherings in the U.S. are always associated with barbecuing. BBQ has a long history in the U.S. and different regions of the country take a lot of pride in the particular type of barbecue they serve up in their neck of the woods. Because of all this love, BBQ has a certain level of American patriotism that many American customers have an unwavering loyalty to.

You get a built in support structure

Yet another reason why a BBQ restaurant franchise (especially Chaps Pit Beef) is the best type of franchise business is because the strong support structure franchisees get. A BBQ franchise will help you be as successful as possible with your new business endeavor. Not only will the BBQ franchisor help you launch your new BBQ restaurant, they will also provide ongoing support as you grow your franchise business. This extra guidance is especially helpful to those investors new to running a franchise.

Why You should choose Chaps Pit Beef

Chaps Pit Beef is one of the best franchise opportunities out there to join and one of the best BBQ restaurants in MD. From a BBQ recipe that makes customers’ mouths water to supportive franchisors who want to help you succeed, you can’t go wrong with Chaps Pit Beef.

When you learn about the Chaps Pit Beef’s origin story, you get a true sense of the hardworking family behind its success and how they treat all their staff and customers as family. You will see hands down why they are one of the best BBQ franchise opportunities around.

Chaps Pit Beef is the brainchild of Gus Glava who owned a Southwest-themed night club on Pulaski Highway and his daughter and son-in-law. Back in May of 1987, Glava built the original Chaps Pit Beef on the grounds of his nightclub as a wedding gift for his daughter Donna and son-in-law Bob Creager who was working in a steel mill at the time.

The original stand was basically a 12 x 15 shack that shared the food license and even electricity with the nightclub. It was the most basic setup that could be with no restroom and only enough room to prep and cook the food. Bob would cook and Donna would manage the staff and eventually their business grew to not only allow for an expansion of their original shack, but also the addition of the new restaurant in Aberdeen.

While they have expanded and have many more staff and customers than when they first started out, the Creagers still make sure that everyone still feels like family.

The type of barbecue they offer is also a real people pleaser. Baltimore Pit Beef which is basically barbecued beef that is crusty on the outside and juicy and almost rare on the inside. The meat is shaved into thin strips and heaped high on a sandwich.

Pit Beef is served on a Kaiser Roll or Rye bread which give an earthy flavor to the sandwich. What else makes this such a signature Baltimore dish is the sauce. Unlike other regions which use a mix of ketchup, brown sugar or vinegar to give the meat its flavor, the sauce used with Baltimore pit beef has horseradish sauce in it which keeps the customers coming back for more.

With locations in Baltimore on Pulaski Highway and in Aberdeen on Beards Hill Road, the Creagers have created a strong following of patrons and restaurant critics alike. People come far and wide for their original pit beef sandwich and other specialty sandwiches. There is already a strong customer base so you won’t have to build it from the ground up like you would have to do if you were starting your own original business

Overall, if you are looking to get into the franchise business, Chaps Pit Beef is a smart choice. Barbecue will never go out of style and barbecue franchises are really popular now. And if you are already a fan of Chaps Pit Beef’s food, then why not sell something you are already passionate about?

If you are in the market to buy into a franchise and you are considering a barbecue joint, remember that it is a big decision. One you should never take lightly. Make sure you do initial internet searches to get some basic information and then set up interviews with potential franchisors and some of their franchisees to get a fuller of picture of what to expect and what each potential relationship could offer you.

For more information about BBQ franchise opportunities and franchising with Chaps Pit Beef, call them today.

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