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Why Barbeque Franchising Is a Surefire Financial Investment That’s a Guaranteed Win

Becoming a business owner comes with both risks and rewards, but when you do it right, the rewards will always outweigh the risks. If you are considering getting into the fast casual franchise business, choosing barbeque franchising is sure to put you on the road to success. There are many bbq franchises in the USA that are very profitable.

Here are some reasons why barbeque franchising is a surefire financial investment that is a guaranteed win.

Passion = Success

Have you ever noticed how when you are truly excited and passionate about your life and your work, you jump out of bed anxious to get your day started? Barbecue excites that type of passion in a lot of people because there are so many different style of barbecue and ways to put your personal stamp on it. If you love barbecue and hire staff that share the same love, your barbecue franchise is sure to be a hit.

More Creativity Allowed

While joining a franchise, of course, means that there are rules and regulations to follow and a brand image to adhere to, with barbecue franchises there is still wiggle room for your own creativity, especially when it comes to planning your menu. Good barbecue depends on getting the right tenderness of the meat and finding the right combination of flavors and takes true skill.

More Revenue Streams

With most barbecue franchises you will have the ability to make more money from different revenue streams, including dine-in, delivery, takeout, catering and alcohol.

Plenty of Support Behind You

Barbecue franchises provide you with a strong support structure to get off to the right start as well as continue to offer you guidance as you grown. Each barbecue franchise program will vary a little, but most will offer you not only proven standardized operating systems and training, but also assistance with advertising and marketing.

A Hot Spot for Community Gatherings

Barbeque restaurants have always been an important part of the communities they work in. Barbeque has always been a more communal type of meal and so it make sense that they are a hot spot for community gatherings. When you open up your restaurant to community events like town meetings and sports teams award dinners, you will notice how quickly you will become the place to eat in your community.

Less Upfront Funds Are Needed

Barbecue franchises are very affordable and don’t require as much upfront funds as some other types of franchises do. This means that they are accessible even to entrepreneurs just starting out who might not have a lot of capital available.

What you need to be successful:

Of course not everyone is going to be successful as a barbecue franchise owner, that is why it is important to have a heart to heart with yourself and make sure you have the right qualities and right resources to be successful.

First, if you are going to own a barbecue franchise you should not only have a passion for food and cooking, but in particular barbecue. If you are not obsessed with creating the best barbecue then it is going to be hard to be successful because you need to be driven to be successful.

Also, you need access to the right amount of capital to fund your new venture. Initial investment for franchises range from just under $10K to 100K or more. You need to factor in the cost of the initial franchising fee and any monthly royalty fees. And this is on top of the money you will need for rent, food and staff. Some franchisors will also require to pay an advertising fee and to buy products from them or a certain vendor. Read your franchise agreement closely so you understand exactly what you are getting involved in.

Finally be honest about your work ethic and your ability to be a strong leader. Opening up a new business is hard work and you will be living and breathing barbecue 24/7 as you make your barbecue franchise a success. If you know you some lazy tendencies and want easy money instead, this isn’t the route for you. Strong leadership is also required to build a strong staff who are just as passionate about the work as you are.

Once you are sure this is the right route for you, you should create a list of what you are looking for in a brand. Besides missions and values that you can get behind, you should also look for a strong support structure and a robust training program that will help you grow your franchise.

Chaps Pit Beef is considered the best bbq in Baltimore, Maryland that is currently growing by leaps and bounds. They are also one of the top franchises to own. They are looking for franchisees that are just as passionate about their brand of barbecue as they are and who are committed to helping it grow.

For more information about barbeque franchising, visit our franchising program page.

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