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Why Baltimore Pit Beef Is The Best Type of BBQ

From Texas to Baltimore there are a lot of different types of BBQ styles to tempt meat lovers, but nothing can truly compete with the taste of Baltimore Pit Beef. Here are some of the reasons why Baltimore Pit Beef is the best type of BBQ.

Baltimore BBQ has a distinctive flavor that you can’t get anywhere else. Baltimore pit beef is barbecued beef that is crusty on the outside and juicy and almost rare on the inside. The meat is shaved into thin strips and heaped high on a sandwich. People come far and wide for a Baltimore pit beef sandwich. Most of the time top round is used instead of brisket which is the favorite in a lot of the other styles.

The bread also adds to the tastiness of the sandwich. Pit Beef is served on a Kaiser Roll or rye bread which give an earthy flavor to the sandwich. What else makes this such a signature Baltimore dish is the sauce. Unlike other regions which use a mix of ketchup, brown sugar or vinegar to give the meat its flavor, the sauce used with Baltimore pit beef has horseradish sauce in it which keeps the customers coming back for more.

Chaps Pit Beef is one of the top BBQ joints in the Baltimore area that exemplifies the “Baltimore Style BBQ”. With locations in Baltimore on Pulaski Highway and in Aberdeen on Beards Hill Road, they have created a strong following of patrons and restaurant critics alike who love their unique take on Baltimore pit beef

To make a Classic Pit Beef sandwich, Bob uses a bottom round roast flat cut from the hind quarters which are a tougher, but more flavorful cut. He trims the gristle and silver off the meat and then applies a dry rub of different herbs and spices like paprika, salt and pepper, thyme and onion powder. He then lets it sit over night and in the morning he puts it on an open pit of burning hardwood charcoal that gets to gets to about 400 to 500 degrees.

Once the beef has a nice crust on the outside and is tender on the inside, he slices it in ribbons and puts it back on the pit so he can cook to order for each of his customers. He always make sure to spread the meat around to add some char and flavor to it. Next he shaves the meat and piles it high on a Kaiser roll and adds whatever fixings the customer wants, including Chaps’ signature horseradish sauce which is a mixture of mayonnaise and extra hot horseradish. Your food is always cooked to order.

With Baltimore Pit Beef what really makes it special is the tenderness of the meat and the flavor combinations of the spices and condiments. Not to mention the crunch the bread brings.

Because of its popularity BBQ is a great business to get into. BBQ restaurants are really popular in the U.S. and there are many chains out there that you could join or you could start your own franchise. Even Chaps Pit Beef has its own franchise program. The key to success is always to provide good food and good customer service.

If you love Chaps Pit Beef so much you want to run your own Chaps restaurant then consider these following tips for running a successful BBQ franchise:

Be the Center of the Community

Connect more to your customers by becoming a popular gathering spot for the community. Open up your restaurant to community events like town meetings and sports teams award dinners and you will find your customer return rate increase substantially. When people think of a fun place for dinner and hanging out with family and friends, they will think of your place.

Also if you are setting up shop outside of the Baltimore area, it is a good idea to bring in some of the community flavor to your menu and to your decorations and events. It will make your neighbors feels like you are one big happy family.

Build a Strong Team

In order to create that warm, friendly and personable environment in your franchise, of course, you need to hire the right staff. Your employees need to share your vision for the restaurant and be as passionate as you are about providing each customer the best experience possible.

Besides hiring the right people, you also need to train them appropriately so they know how to handle any situations that might come up in the restaurant.

Make Delicious Food

This goes without saying, but with barbecue it can be especially challenging until you find yourself in the sweet spot of what goes into making each dish perfectly. Barbecuing just right is a slow process and it can feel a little hit and miss at first perfecting the process to get the right amount of tenderness. And finding the right sauce is a big ingredient too. Luckily the Creagers at Chaps Pit Beef will help you every step of the way.

Create Fun Daily Specials

Daily Specials are a great way to move your more expensive dishes that don’t get ordered quite as often and it is also a good way to gauge customer interest in your different dishes. Get creative in what you name it and how you advertise it. If you offer a dish on special and the customers don’t eat it up then maybe you should consider taking it off the menu until you can perfect it more.

Charge Appropriately for What You Bring to the Table

The costs of running a barbecue joint is more expensive than other franchises which can be a challenge. You need to recoup your losses and make money, but you know too high prices will drive most customers away. Find that perfect balance where you keep your restaurant thriving but keep costs manageable for the customer.

Chaps Pit Beef is now offering franchise units. For more information about running a BBQ franchise, contact Chaps Pit Beef today.

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