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6 Reasons Why Franchises Are Popular


Most of the time we look at why franchises are so popular with entrepreneurs, but it is important to also recognize the other side of the equation. Without loyal customers, these franchises wouldn’t be so attractive to businesswomen and men.

There is just something about the franchise format that is inviting to a lot of consumers. Here are 6 reasons why franchises are popular.

1. Brand Recognition

Most people when they shop prefer to shop at places that have a good reputation, a business they feel they can trust. When a consumer chooses to shop at a franchise, especially at a particular store location they have never been before, they are making their decision based on brand recognition. Not everyone will take a chance on a store or restaurant they know nothing about.

2. Familiar Products & Services

Another big draw of franchises for consumers is that you already know the type and quality of the products and services even before you enter the store. Have you ever shopped at a CVS before? They all offer the same products for the most part so you always know what you can buy there no matter which location you walk into.

When it comes to restaurant franchises in particular, a lot of people enjoy having a familiarity with the menu no matter where the franchise is. It makes ordering so much easier. Moms and Dads with young children especially appreciate knowing that there is something on the menu that each child will like to eat.

3. Same Layout & Design

There is something comforting about walking into a store or restaurant and knowing how everything is laid out. It feels like coming home. And a recognizable color motif and interior design style also adds to your comfort level. When you are in a rush or stressed, it is nice to be able to walk in and not have any surprises.

When you go to a restaurant franchise too, it is nice to plan out ahead of time how your party might sit together. If you are walking into a new restaurant franchise, you have no idea of what to expect when it comes to how the tables are arranged.

4. Makes Travel Easier

Probably one of the biggest advantages of choosing to shop or eat at a franchise is that when you travel whether for business or pleasure you know that you can find the familiarity of home wherever you are. Imagine being across the country or even a completely new country and seeing a sign from a store you have at home. It can be a relief to find something you recognize.

5. Still Offer Innovation

For the truly adventurous all this sameness might be unappealing, but the good thing about franchises are that they always make sure to add the right combination of familiarity and innovation. That is why franchises are so popular. They are constantly creating new products and services to offer along with the favorites they already offer.

6. Become Part of the Community

If you read the mission of most franchises, you will find that they are dedicated to becoming an integral part of the communities they operate in. Because of that, all locations of a franchise will develop strong ties to their community by becoming a community hotspot and by participating in important community activities. Consumers just naturally gravitate to stores and restaurants that really care about the people in their community.

Chaps Pit Beef is one of the top franchises out there and they offer the best BBQ in Maryland. Their classic pit beef sandwich is known across the country and even around the world. People travel from far away to get a taste of this uniquely Baltimore barbecue that is cooked on an open pit.

At every one of its franchise locations, hungry guests are guaranteed to get the same delicious BBQ and high quality service that they get at the original Chaps Pit Beef restaurant.

If you are an entrepreneur looking for possible franchises to own, you should also consider Chaps Pit Beef. It is the best franchise to own because the Chaps Pit Beef owners really care about their franchisees and want to help them be successful.

Each new franchisee will be able to take advantage of the tried and true recipes of Chaps Pit Beef and their brand recognition. They also receive a lot of support and training to get their location open as well as continual support after their grand opening. Chaps Pit Beef has a prototype location that franchisees can use to design their own spot.

As a franchisee of Chaps Pit Beef, you become a part of their extended family and they will provide you with the all the support and structure you will need.

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