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Why Chaps Pit Beef Is One of the Best Franchise Businesses To Own

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Building a business from the ground up takes a lot of work, but the owners and operators of Chaps Pit Beef have put in the time and effort to grow their small business into a soon to be nationwide franchise business. With multiple locations in Maryland, one in Delaware, and another set to open in Media, Pennsylvania, this used-to-be shack is becoming a big name in barbeque.

With the opportunity to open franchise businesses of your own and become part of the Chaps Pit Beef family, you can own and operate one of these restaurants in a new location. Although this place is known for its BBQ Baltimore flavor and style, you will get customers from all across the U.S. coming to try your beef.

As one of the fastest-growing BBQ joints within the last two years in the area, you can start one of the top franchises and work with a great company. Franchisees that choose to own one of these restaurants will be part of a group of entrepreneurs that all have a passion for delicious barbeque and bringing great food to great customers.

What You Will Get

One of the greatest parts of becoming a Chaps Pit Beef franchisee is that you will have a wealth of support behind you in this endeavor. With help from experienced business owners like the original owners Gus Glava, his daughter Donna and her husband Bob Creager’s initial idea to get your business started you will have all you need, plus the Chaps Pit Beef corporate backing for support.

You will have resources like help with location selection, interior store design, and décor, and help with daily operations. Every franchisee will also gain access to marketing campaigns and the Chaps official trademark. Then, of course, you will have the Chaps Pit Beef exclusive recipes that made their food a staple of Baltimore BBQ.

From prototype plans for the building to the manual for operations, and even the advertising campaigns that have seen success will be there to get you started. With this type of support, even if you are a first-time business owner, you will have all that you need to become successful.

Why Chaps?

With the amount of help and support that you will have behind you and the resources you will get to ensure that you feel confident in your daily operations on the restaurant itself, you have many reasons to open a Chaps Pit Beef. However, with this business growing rapidly and ready to spread into new territories, this is a great time to own a BBQ franchise.

Growing Quickly

Chaps Pit Beef started in 1987 from a small shack in Baltimore, Maryland where they had to share the electricity and food license with the nearby nightclub. However, as the locals got to try their delicious sandwiches, they became a hot spot. As they grew, they knew that they needed a bigger location, which turned into their expanded location.

After the success of this location, two more were opened in Maryland alone with another in Delaware. With the success of the opened locations, there was another location built in Media, Pennsylvania that is set to open later this year. With five locations already, their popularity is quickly growing and the company is making a big name for themselves in the BBQ world.

Over the last two years, the company has seen significant growth that shows an upward projection for profits if expansion is completed. So, why not be apart of that growth with a company that is one of the best franchise businesses.

Slow Cooking Method

Chaps beef is a favorite among Baltimore locals and those who now have access to the other locations because of the famous way that they continue to cook their meats. Unlike other restaurants who cook their meat and try to get it out as quickly as possible. The Chaps “low and slow” method allows the meat to barbeque over an open fire pit for the smokiest and richest flavor.

This one-of-a-kind barbequing method is unique for the flavor and tenderness it gives to the meat so you can taste the difference. With this signature cooking method, you will have customers lining up outside your door to get a chance to sample your delicious sandwiches made with slow-cooked beef.

Menu Variety

Chaps is known for their beef, it’s even in the name, but their menu is extensive and includes many options that will work for any customer. With sandwich options that include fried fish, hot dogs, ham, and even corned beef, you will have plenty of choices for the whole family to be satisfied eating here.

However, if you want to serve customers who are not in the mood for a sandwich, you can entice them with Chaps pork ribs by the pound or a half chicken or whole chicken. There are even kid’s meals for the youngest customers with chicken tenders or a grilled cheese sandwich. And for dessert, there are either rice or banana pudding options for those with a sweet tooth.

With Chaps’ large menu, you will find something for everyone and be able to make all your customers happy with a comfort food favorite.

With Chaps Pit Beef becoming the best franchise businesses to invest in, own, and operate, you can take advantage of this great opportunity by submitting a franchise’s MD application. With the information you receive, you can look into opening a new location and begin the process of owning a restaurant of your own and running a Chaps near you.

From start to finish, we will have you covered from the design of the building to the advertising, and we will be behind you every step of the way. With Chaps Pit Beef being mentioned in multiple TV shows and national publications for their great food, many people will want to cash in on this great opportunity, so get involved while you still can!

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