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What Not to Do When Starting a New Franchise

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If you’re considering opening a new franchise and need more information on how to open a BBQ restaurant, you likely have a lot of questions. If you live in the DMV area, you may want to become a part of the best pit beef Baltimore restaurants, Chaps Pit Beef.

However, when it comes to a BBQ franchise, it’s just as important to know what not to do as it is to get helpful tips. Owning a franchise is certainly a learning experience, which is why it’s essential to know which mistakes to avoid.

Expecting Unrealistic Outcomes

Starting a new franchise means being honest and realistic about what to expect and the work you’ll have to do to achieve success. It’s important to promote your BBQ restaurant and the qualities that make your eatery stand out. For instance, Chaps is known for its quality food and outstanding service. However, be careful not to brag too much in your promotions, since customers will start to expect things you may not be able to deliver. For instance, don’t boast about the fact that you have barbecue that is comparable to a top-selling BBQ restaurant. Customers will purchase your food with a critical mindset and be prepared to compare all your dishes with the restaurant you’ve stated is your competition.

When you set unrealistic expectations, customers will require too much of you too soon, and you may not be able to keep your consumers satisfied.

Wasting Ingredients

When you’re in the barbecue business, you have to make sure you have enough fresh meat for all your customers. However, you should also be careful not to waste food. You’ll have to use trial and error to determine how much food you need based on the demand from consumers. Since you’re running a BBQ business, you may want to start by only opening your Chaps franchise location for lunch and close when you run out of food. As you get more customers, you can open your restaurant for longer periods of time and eventually opening for lunch or dinner.

Forming the Wrong Partnerships

A huge part of your BBQ business’ success is the people you choose to partner with, especially when you’re opening a franchise. It’s vital that you have a good relationship and ongoing communication with professionals in the Chaps Pit Beef franchise corporate office. If your business partners don’t have much professional experience or aren’t committed to creating a thriving business, your franchise will suffer.

It’s also very important that you select business partners who are honest and loyal. Even if your business is successful and you have a reliable customer base, you need to make sure that your partners aren’t leaking money or using funds in inappropriate ways. Keeping your finances in order and being able to account for all your profits will help you stay organized and assure you that your partners are doing business the right way.

Getting Too Big Too Fast

It’s also common for BBQ franchises to start expanding too quickly. Growing your company is the goal ultimately, but you should take your time and make sure you’re using the right strategies to accomplish this. The Chaps Pit Beef franchise team can give you helpful tips to develop your business at the right pace. Make sure you’re aware of market trends in the industry and considering the overall economy. This will let you know whether you should open an additional location. If there are several BBQ restaurants in your community or you find that people in your city aren’t eating out as much, it may be best to wait before you open a second location.

To ensure that your current BBQ restaurant is successful, remember that you don’t have to treat your franchise location like a chain restaurant. You want your customers to have an original experience each time they visit your location. Consider the consumers in your Baltimore community and tailor your restaurant to fit their needs and preferences.

When you introduce your new franchise to the community, you should seek to become one of the most appealing hangouts in the neighborhood. Make sure you connect with your customers and make sure the environment is welcoming. This will ensure that everyone feels comfortable patronizing your business and your BBQ joint can be a hot spot for families, casual dates or friends who want to hang out after work.

Of course, you’ll have to make food that tastes so good, people will want to come back. Make sure you perfect your recipes and allot about 12 hours to cook your barbecued meat to perfect. It’s also important that you have the right sauce recipe to make your restaurant stand out.

Your staff makes a huge difference in business success and customer satisfaction as well. Hire people who are just as passionate about BBQ as you are. Your team members should have the same vision for your eatery and provide stellar customer service for a positive dining experience.

You should take small steps to grow your business. You’ll likely make some mistakes along the way, but don’t feel pressured to offer several dishes on the menu when you open. Pick some dishes that you know you can make well and start there. Your customers will appreciate the fact that you prefer to offer quality dishes instead of several dishes that may not be the best.

Not Pricing Correctly

You shouldn’t price your menu items too low or too high, especially when you’re introducing your BBQ franchise to the community. Remember, Chaps is known for its satisfactory pricing, so you’ll want to fit in with these established reputation. Consider operation costs, since they are likely higher than other restaurants. You do have to make a profit, but if your food is too expensive, you could discourage customers from patronizing your business. Price your food affordably so that you can appeal to customers while still having enough funds to keep your business running smoothly.

You can also keep your prices reasonable by not biting off more than you can chew. Running a business will always be risky in some regards. You should always have a fail-safe so you won’t lose too much money and ultimately lose your business. Establish an income stream from another source so you’ll be able to sustain yourself if things don’t go as planned with the restaurant.

Finally, don’t worry about not having enough experience to open a Chaps Pit Beef barbecue business. When you have the right people to assist and guide you, you’ll be able to attract customers, offer an appealing menu and manage your finances so you’ll be one of the most prominent BBQ eateries in the area.


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