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America Loves BBQ: Trends in Barbecue [Infographic]

trends in barbecue

America’s love of BBQ is exploding annually. Not only is it delicious, it’s part of our American DNA. BBQ is hot right now, with no signs of cooling off! All the reason to consider investing in a Famous Chaps Pit Beef franchise.

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$1.47 Billion

Worth of grills sold in the US


Of US adults own a grill or smoker


Grill owners grill year-round


Grill owners plan to grill more next year


Grill owners prepared breakfast on the grill

5 Most Popular BBQ Days

  1. July Fourth
  2. Labor Day
  3. Memorial Day
  4. Father’s Day
  5. Mother’s Day

Top 3 Reasons For Cooking Outdoors

  1. Improve flavor
  2. Personal enjoyment
  3. Entertaining family and friends

Over 1 Million

Restaurants in the US

Only 2%

Of Total US restaurants are BBQ restaurants

The #1 BBQ Franchising Opportunity

Join the Chaps Pit Beef franchise family and become a part of the BBQ revolution.

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