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14 Tips for a Fun BBQ this Summer

BBQ season is in full swing and it is time to hang out in the sunshine with your friends and family. Are you planning a BBQ party of your own this summer? Here are 14 tips for a fun BBQ this summer.

1. Do a Full Prep Before the Guests Arrive

Being the host or hostess can be really stressful, but the whole point of having a party is to have fun with your loved ones, right? Instead of rushing around the whole time, do a full prep before your guests arrive and then all you have to worry about is the actually grilling. This leaves you a lot more time to spend with your guests.

2. Stock Up on Propane or Charcoal

It never fails. You have everything planned down to the last detail and all is running swimmingly when you run out of propane or charcoal for the grill. We have all experienced this once or twice, right? It can be stressful to find a place that sells fuel that is open, especially on a holiday. Your safest bet is to always stock up right before the next BBQ.

3. Don’t Be Afraid to Ask for Help

What is more important, that you make everything from scratch, or that you get to enjoy your own party? Don’t be afraid to ask for help. Most guests will offer anyway so let them bring some of the side dishes and desserts. That way you just have to worry about the main dishes.

4. Decorate with Twinkling Lights

Setting the right atmosphere for a party is so important and how you decorate your yard or patio can play a big role. Twinkling lights hung all around the party area set a fun, festive mood. If you get ones with an automatic timer, it is even more perfect, because they turn on all their own. One less thing to do, right?

5. Set Up Games for the Kids

If you have a lot of families with kids coming to your BBQ, then it is a good idea to have some games set up for the kids. Swimming, cornhole, badminton, horseshoes, keeping the kids active is always smart. That way the adults can just enjoy themselves without worrying about entertaining the kids.

6. Make S’Mores over the Fire Pit

Adults and kids alike crave the gooey, chocolate goodness of S’Mores. Why worry about fussing over a lot of fancy desserts when you have a fire pit. Set up a simple S’Mores station near the fire pit and let everyone have fun making their own dessert.

7. Set up a “The Works” Station

Having a special spot for all the food and drinks makes things a lot easier because your guests don’t always have to ask you where certain things are. A “The Works” station is the perfect spot for all the toppings and condiments.

8. Place Settings Don’t Have to Expensive

Do you want to dress up your dinnerware for your BBQ, but don’t want to pay an arm and leg for it? Don’t worry, you don’t need to settle for paper plates. Try melamine plates in different colors and patterns. They will look a lot nicer, but they are not expensive.

9. Elevate the Traditional BBQ Offerings

Hamburgers, hot dogs and BBQ chicken are common staples at all barbecues so you want to make your menu is a little bit more special. Try out some new recipes like vegetable kebabs and grilled seafood. If some of your guests are vegan, make sure you have at a least a few vegan options as well.

10. Plan Games for the Adults Too

If you are hosting a game-playing crowd, even the adults, then make sure you have games for them on standby too. Card games like poker and rummy are always popular and Phase 10 is perfect for a small group.

11. Cool Off with Water Balloons

On really hot days, water games are always welcome. And the simplest to do is to just fill up a bunch of balloons with water and have fun chasing each other around with them.

12. Make Adult Popsicles

Cold dessert treats are not just for the kids, right? Make these Boozy Watermelon Pops for all your adult guests and they will be really appreciative. The recipe calls for watermelon and tequila. You can find the recipe here.

13. Create a Menu Board

To clear up any confusion about what is and what is not on the menu, create a DIY menu board to display easily for everyone to see. You can get as creative as you want with it. Here is one tutorial that can help.

14. Order Chaps Party Platters

Of course, you can farm out all the cooking and just order Chaps Party Platters. They have several different types from their Petite Platter to their Variety Platter. They offer a variety of meats and sides and they will cater to whatever size crowd you have. If your guests are big Chaps fans, they will be thrilled to see it on the menu.

Throwing a BBQ can be a lot fun especially if incorporate some of these tips for a fun BBQ this summer. To find out more about Chaps Party Platters, click here.

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