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How to Pivot From Unemployed to Business Owner

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There has been a wave of unemployment spreading across the United States due to COVID-19. You may be one of these Americans struggling to make ends meet. Have you thought of opening a business? This could help you and many others regain employment.

If you are looking for a franchise to invest in, look no further. Chaps Pit Beef can help you take the steps to pivot from unemployed to a business owner! This BBQ chain is well known in the Baltimore area, but has an audience all over America due to the restaurants many TV appearances.

Curious on why you should pick Chaps Pit Beef to franchise? Here is what you need to know!

They are Looking to Expand

Unemployment can destroy a lifestyle completely. Opening a franchise and becoming a business owner can turn this around for many. You can safely invest in Chaps Pit Beef and be confident that they are one of the best franchises to open.

Currently, they are looking to expand- making it much easier for you to invest in their franchise. Chaps Pit Beef mainly exists in Maryland, but would be successful anywhere- they offer the best pit beef menu there is! If you want to confidently buy a franchise, this BBQ chain should be your number one candidate.

It also is important to note, that the company is growing at a rapid pace. They currently have four locations, with two new locations on the way! Their franchises for sale are worth looking in to.

They Can Succeed Anywhere

Chaps Pit Beef has an advantage over some other franchises. They can successfully open and run anywhere! If you are planning to invest in this franchise, you should know why this is.

Chaps Pit Beef has appeared on many famous TV shows, gaining them a wide audience. Fans travel far to try out the pit beef sandwiches they saw reviewed on TV. You can be sure that wherever you are, crowds will be drawn to your BBQ chain.

These shows include:

  • Diners, Drive-In, and Dives in the Food Network
  • Man v. Food on the Travel Channel
  • Anthony Bourdain’s No Reservations on the Travel Channel
  • CBS

The company has also appeared in many newspapers and magazines, including the New York Times and the Baltimore magazine. As you can see, no matter your location, Chaps Pit Beef is an amazing franchising investment- tons of people have seen these shows and read these articles, making for a huge, easily available audience.

The larger the franchise’s audience, the higher the chance that you can move out of unemployment with your business investment. You can be sure that curious, hungry fans will travel to try your store’s food after they see it on TV- making marketing easier on you too.

They Will Help You Get Up and Running

Chaps Pit Beef offers a lot of amazing franchise support. This is great if you have never owned a business before and want to open a franchise to escape unemployment. Chaps Pit Beef will assist with every little detail, to make sure that it all goes right. They also offer marketing assistance if you need it.

If you have no franchisee experience, you should not worry. Chaps Pit Beef will make sure your restaurant follows their guidelines and aid you with designing the location. They also will help you prepare for opening day by sending you a list of all the equipment your franchise will need.

The company will also make sure that your employees are trained and that your general manager is all set to go. Chaps Pit Beef is always ready to provide on-site assistance and will continuously offer training during your entire time as a franchisee.

With all this support you can be assured that your franchise will be up and running as smoothly as possible. You will not have to stress over failing or making a mistake- Chaps Pit Beef offers everything you need to have your business succeed.

This is why they are one of the best franchises to open, especially if you are not an expert in franchise investing. Chaps Pit Beef wants to make it easy for you to get familiar with the process of running your BBQ restaurant, making it a great employment opportunity for everyone.

The Perfect Franchise Opportunity

Chaps Pit Beef is dedicated to giving every customer the best pit beef experience- customers appreciate that feeling, making them come back for more. Their menu is so appealing to many BBQ lovers across the U.S., drawing many people every day.

This franchise is the perfect opportunity for you to invest and regain employment. Not only would you be restoring employment for yourself, you would be providing new jobs to your community by opening a store.

Chaps Pit Beef provides an enjoyable work environment for your employees, and you can be sure that you will meet plenty of people passionate about BBQ. Contact the Chaps company through their website if you are interested in having their franchising opportunities aid you in regaining employment. You can change your life today!


In conclusion, Chaps Pit Beef has franchises for sale and they are one of the best companies to invest in right now. They are actively looking to expand and are growing rapidly. Joining their family will give you plenty of chances to grow your business alongside them.

Chaps Pit Beef has also been shown to succeed no matter your location, due to their prominent airtime on TV. Plus, you will get plenty of support from the franchise so that you can succeed- you can be confident that they got your back in these unusual times.

As you can see, Chaps Pit Beef is the perfect franchising opportunity for you! They work hard to serve delicious, quality beef to their customers and provide a pleasant work environment. You can be assured that you are taking the best steps with your employment when opening this BBQ chain in your area.

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  1. Jared Nagode says:

    I’m interested in becoming a franchisee with you. I live in Colorado and believe this may be a great location for you guys to open up a location. I’ve always had very strong ambition and desire to be the head of a business and am currently on the market for a turnkey business anyhow.
    Please respond if you are interested in speaking further.

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