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How Chaps Franchises Are Helping the Community During the Coronavirus Pandemic

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If you are thinking of opening a franchise during the coronavirus pandemic, there is a lot to think about. But, the most important aspect to consider is: how will this franchise help during the pandemic?

Some franchises help some, others not at all. If you are going to be buying a franchise for your area, you want it to be a help, not a hindrance to your community.

You want to be sure that you can offer your area good, affordable food that they will enjoy. Ordering carry-out can brighten someone’s day!

You should know that Chaps Pit Beef is doing its best to help the community during the coronavirus pandemic. Curious about how? Read on!

Best BBQ in Baltimore

First of all, Chaps Pit Beef provides quality meals at a fair price. With everyone staying inside and social distancing, plenty of people miss eating out with family. However, this franchise offers plenty of different types of BBQ at reasonable prices- and you never have to go inside.

Order online and pick up at the store- it is a simple and effective system that plenty of restaurants are providing. They also offer an online service where you can order their food and heat it at home with Goldbelly.

During the pandemic, the less you have to go outside, the better. No one wants to risk their health, so ordering carry-out or delivery is a great option. Having the best BBQ pit beef there is brought to you is even better!

Returning customers have realized this- they love the quality BBQ and soon you will too! Providing quality, safe, warm meals to your community is a great thing to do. Many people have been forced to live off noodles and canned goods, since their areas are closed due to the pandemic and will appreciate having a new choice of places to eat at opening nearby.

Providing Safe Work

Chaps Pit Beef adheres to all the CDC guidelines revolving around the coronavirus pandemic. You can be assured that your food is handled safely. Not only is the food safe, but their team is too!

Chaps Pit Beef requires masks and frequent handwashing and cleaning. These are all important steps in beating the virus, but will also keep those that follow them healthy. Chaps Pit Beef has created a safe, healthy environment for you to order quality meals from. This is something that any community can appreciate in these tough times.

In addition to that, Chaps Pit Beef franchises are providing good jobs to hard-working people. Unfortunately, there has been a rise in unemployment rates due to the virus. Chaps Pit Beef offers work for individuals in a safe environment.

If you are looking for work or a franchise to buy, you should seriously consider Chaps Pit Beef. They care about their employees and customers, and are doing everything that they can to keep you healthy while also providing the best pit beef available on the market.

This franchise is a great investment and you can take pride in your work knowing that you are providing for your community.

Speaking of looking for a franchise…

Looking for a Franchise to Buy?

Chaps Pit Beef is currently looking to expand and open up at new locations- meaning that you could take part in opening a franchise. This is definitely one of the best restaurant franchise opportunities out there.

The company is expanding and recognizable. They have appeared on many well-known TV shows and their fans travel long distances just to get a taste of their famous BBQ pit beef! You can be sure that you will be opening up a franchise that will only bring you success.

Think of the top 10 franchises– McDonald’s or other fast-food restaurants hold the top of the list. However, such massive companies can have trouble caring for small towns or local areas- they are simply just too massive.

Chaps Pit Beef works to provide to their communities and are steadily growing every day. This makes Chaps one of the best franchises to own right now, if you want to help your local area.

Of course, any restaurant franchise can deliver food during the pandemic, but none of them will provide you with as much pride or quality food like a Chaps Pit Beef will. We are all looking for a little escapism with the pandemic forcing us to stay in, so people are more likely to “go all out” when they order.

In short, they are more likely to choose quality Chaps beef sandwiches over any other fast-food burger. So, you can be sure that your franchise will succeed, even with the current situation.


In conclusion, Chaps Pit Beef franchises are doing everything in their power to help their communities during the coronavirus pandemic. They offer online services so that you can safely order food from home. Not to mention that their beef is high quality and can brighten anyone’s day if they have been living off noodles in quarantine.

This franchise restaurant also provides a safe and clean working environment. You can be assured that your food is safe and that their team is healthy and happy. During these tough times, Chaps Pit Beef is also offering jobs to those that need them the most. Supporting a Chaps is helpful to your community for so many different reasons!

Finally, if you are thinking of buying a franchise, you should consider going with opening a Chaps Pit Beef. Customers love their pit beef and fans will flock to your location once they hear of it opening- everyone wants to try Guy Fieri’s favorite sandwich!

Plus, if you bought and opened a Chaps Pit Beef, you would be giving back to your community through providing access to warm, delicious meals and a safe working environment for employees. No matter how you think about, opening a Chaps during the pandemic is a great idea- it is helpful to everyone!

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