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How Baltimore Pit Beef Stacks Up Against Other BBQ

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Looking to try some delicious BBQ? Why not try some Baltimore pit beef? If you have yet to try it, you should come stop by Chaps Pit Beef – we have the best beef sandwich in Maryland and would love to hear your thoughts on it!

If you are thinking about opening a BBQ franchise, knowing what type of store to open is always a good idea. Do you want to open a pit beef restaurant or something else? If that is the case then you might be wondering how Baltimore pit beef compares to the other types of BBQ.

Well, look no further! This short guide has got you covered.

What is Pit Beef?

First of all, you will want to know the difference between pit beef and other kinds of BBQ. Pit beef originated in Baltimore and its name has a clue about how it is cooked- it is heated over an open pit which also smokes the meat in the process.

The meat is then cut into thin pieces and stacked onto a piece of bread. Chaps Pit Beef has won awards for our delicious beef, but most notable is our pit beef sandwich. Many people love it! Plus, this recipe has been featured on numerous TV shows and is loved by Guy Fieri himself.

Beef that is cooked over an open pit like this allows for it to absorb more flavor, producing a juicy and delicious piece of meat. It is hard for the other types of BBQ to stand up to meat cooked in this fashion.

But, what are some of the types of BBQ and why does pit beef taste so much better?

Popular Types of BBQ

In the United States, there are two main forms of BBQ. They are known as the Memphis and Texas BBQ styles. The Kansas City BBQ is also popular, yet not quite as common. They got their names from where they supposedly originated, but how do they compare to Baltimore pit beef BBQ?

Memphis BBQ

This style of cooking meat uses a slow process. The meat is usually rubbed down with a sauce and many spices before and after cooking. You can also do a “dry” Memphis BBQ, where you use more spices instead of rubbing the meat with a sauce.

This is one of the most popular forms of BBQ in America, you have probably already eaten this style of beef at some point in your life. While this style is quite flavorful, many people prefer pit beef’s texture over it. Plus, there is a lot less of a mess while eating.

Pit beef is essentially smoked and you can taste that in every bite. We also are always sure to choose the highest-quality cuts of meat- meaning that our pit beef BBQ is sure to taste much better than other restaurant’s BBQ.

Texas BBQ

This form of BBQ is also quite commonplace in the states. You have probably already experienced this type of beef, but it does not hurt to remind you about how it is prepared.

There some different iterations in other areas of Texas, but for the most part, you start by rubbing the meat with black pepper and salt. It is then cooked over indirect heat, usually from some type of wood to add flavor. This does taste great, but still, not quite as delicious as what you can expect from a good slice of pit beef.

While Texas BBQ is heated over indirect heat, Baltimore pit beef BBQ is heated directly in an open-pit- meaning that the meat is exposed to and can absorb more smokey flavors. This makes each cut of pit beef more complex and unique when compared to Texas BBQ.

Kansas City BBQ

A Kansas City style of BBQ will use a wider variety of meats than the other types. It is also slow-cooked. This is another enjoyably messy dish with a sauce made from sweet molasses and tomatoes.

For many of the reasons that pit beef is better than Texas BBQ, pit beef tastes better than Kansas BBQ. Baltimore pit beef has much more of an opportunity to absorb complex and quality flavors than the other types.

The open-pit style gives Baltimore beef a special flavor that is difficult to achieve anywhere where else. If you have not yet tried our BBQ pit beef sandwich, you are missing out! Luckily, we have been looking to expand recently, so if your area is lacking a Chaps Pit Beef, maybe you could be the one to build one at home.

Chaps Pit Beef Franchising

As you can see, Baltimore pit beef stacks up well against the other popular types of BBQ. It has many flavors to offer and quickly becomes a favorite of any BBQ enthusiast.

Why not look into our franchising opportunities? We are looking to expand and would be interested in hearing from you! If your area is missing a BBQ franchise, why not bring your community the best type of beef?

Everyone loves our sandwiches and our franchise has a lot of exposure on television, so you can be sure to have a successful business. Our pit beef sandwich is famous and recognized by many celebrities and chefs- your family and friends would enjoy eating one too!

We have also been having more and more of our restaurants popping up lately- so if you are even a little interested in franchising with us, you do not want to miss out!


In short, Baltimore pit beef can hold its own against the other types of BBQ out there. Its unique cooking process allows for the meat to hold in a lot of flavor, without becoming too dry over having an overcooked texture.

Be sure to contact us soon if you are interested in starting your BBQ franchise! Your local area would love to try one of our famous pit beef sandwiches, so do not be afraid to reach out.

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