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11 Reasons to Choose BBQ for your Next Corporate Catering Event

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Corporate events could sometimes use some flair. Networking events can be exciting moments for people who are trying to bring the company together for a get together to discuss new possibilities or celebrate company milestones. We can give you a few reasons why you should choose BBQ, especially BBQ with pit beef, for your next event.

Big Variety

Many BBQ foods are available for corporate event catering. Even picky eaters will love the variety of choices BBQ restaurants can present, including beef, turkey, sausage, and of course chicken wings cooked over a unique open pit to seal in serious flavors. Vegetables are also available and add round out the meal provided by a BBQ restaurant. BBQ can be cooked in a variety of ways and actually offers a huge range of flavors and options, including potatoes, beans, macaroni salad, and other traditional sides.


About 6% of an average office does not eat meat, but that doesn’t exclude them from a BBQ. Potatoes, greens, macaroni salad, potato salad, and other options are available to provide both a protein and the right mix to keep everyone going until the next meal. Want a specific menu for vegetarians? Tell the company what you like!

BBQ is Simple

A charcoal restaurant serving BBQ offers simple dishes with flavorful spices – and better yet, BBQ is simple enough for most everything to appreciate, understand, and pronounce. Your corporate event catering could use BBQ because BBQ is true home cooking. You might push your guests out of their comfort zone with some styles of food, but BBQ offers the unique feeling of a sandwich or chicken wing that reminds you of your backyard on a warm summer night.

Celebrate the South

BBQ is traditionally considered a southern food. Do you have corporate guests from the south? Order up some BBQ from a charcoal restaurant and make them feel truly accepted, no matter where you are. Your guests will feel like home and be more comfortable socializing while eating ribs or pit beef that helps them connect with you and the rest of our guests.

The Smell

Want people to feel invited to the conference room for your corporate catering event? Lure them in with the smell of Baltimore style BBQ from a charcoal restaurant. People won’t be hesitate to come in and will stay a while all the while chowing down on sandwiches from the grill.

All the Flavors

In addition to a wonderful smell, BBQ from a charcoal restaurant can hit just about every flavor you can think of. BBQ sauce and spices make meats and vegetables very flexible and work with any audience, whether they prefer the savory flavor of hickory meats or a bit of a zing with some of the spicier sauces and flavors available – even consider that with sauces like honey, BBQ pit beef can even be sweet. The wide variety of flavors make sure that everyone is satisfied with the meal, including those with taste buds that are ready for a little heat.


Is your corporate catering event for lunch or dinner? With BBQ, it doesn’t really matter the time of day, because it always fits no matter the hour. BBQ works when the clock strikes noon or 5:30PM and your guests probably don’t think of BBQ as a particularly timed meal.

Food is a Good Conversation Starter

BBQ makes a great conversation starter. Nearly everyone has tried to BBQ from time to time, and BBQ at your corporate event can lead to the camaraderie of sharing your recipes or experiences with the BBQ grill while experiencing the flavors of the south.

BBQ is not formal

We mentioned BBQ is simple, but you should also know that BBQ is not formal and can help people relax. Corporate events can be stiff and boring to some people. Corporate catering of BBQ can help loosen up an event a bit. BBQ flavors can be complex enough to suit the most sophisticated tastes while appealing to employees who aren’t as choosy and dreamt about the weekend to do their own grilling. In many ways, BBQ is the casual food of choice and can make those who think corporate events are awkward ready to make an event fun instead.

Easy to Serve

Whether you feel like having a catering restaurant member on hand to serve food, or you choose to do it yourself, BBQ is amongst the easier food to serve. Sliced and shredded meat and wings make for a nice display and an easy pickup with tongs or a fork. You might need napkins or wet naps, but some people consider getting a little easy half the fun of eating BBQ.

BBQ is celebratory

Many corporate events are the capstone for a year and aim to recognize employees for a job well done. BBQ can help provide a celebratory feel with a unique atmosphere and flavor that goes beyond boring sandwiches or pizza. BBQ is more often associated with backyard grilling and July 4, or spring and fall events when the weather is extra nice.

The Best Choice

There are many options for food at your next corporate event. Rather than fussing with complicated menus and hoping you have the right kind of food for the group, choose a food that fits just about any group and choose BBQ. BBQ items like pit beef make an excellent choice with its versatility, and the food is generally fun and informal to make all participants feel full, wholesome, and social. It’s an easy choice really compared to the boring foods served during many corporate events. Try BBQ and make your event extra memorable this time.

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