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How Chaps BBQ Compares to Other Charcoal Restaurants

Going out for some delicious BBQ is something nearly anyone can enjoy. It is arguably one of the most definitive American foods, as well as pastimes. Depending on where you happen to be eating, who has the best BBQ around can become a hotter debate than any political event, and the arguments can be legendary. […]

6 Types of Outside Events Perfect for BBQ Catering

With the COVID-19 pandemic forcing a lot of restaurants to close their doors and open their remote delivery services, it is the perfect time for some BBQ catering! Despite COVID-19 fears, people can still safely gather outside for all sorts of outdoor events, and when people gather you need food! BBQ catering is one of […]

What Is the Best Franchise To Buy in 2021?

Opening a franchise of a food business can be a fun and rewarding experience. But it can also be a difficult one because you have to decide the best franchise to open that will leave you with a profit. And in the changing scene of food, it can be difficult to know just which franchise […]

8 Surefire Reasons Barbeque Catering Is Perfect For Your Next Event

Do you have a large event coming up soon? Such as a wedding or corporate party? Are you worried about what food you will prepare? Well, you can stop your worrying because barbeque catering is the perfect food selection for any event you are planning to host. In a 2017 consumer study by the Hearth, […]

Why Chaps Is The Top Cuisine For BBQ Catering

Are you preparing to host your next family gathering, but you aren’t sure what food you should order to keep everyone happy? Look no further than Chaps BBQ Catering. With party platters to suit any diet and budget, your family and friends will simply rave about the food you chose! Chaps BBQ is famous for […]

The History of Baltimore BBQ

America is well-known as a nation full of delicious BBQ. The classic Carolina BBQ or the Texas Roadhouse BBQ are probably the first ones to come to mind but did you know Maryland is another one of those must-eat BBQ states? Known for the succulent pit beef style, the history of Maryland BBQ goes way […]

How the Fast Casual Franchise Is Helping People Manage COVID-19 Easier

The world has been learning how to adapt to life during a pandemic while many of the small businesses were hit pretty hard this year. The restaurant industry has been shaken like never before and was left scrambling to find a way to survive. In doing so, the fast casual franchise has opened up a […]

Why Americans Turn to BBQ During Recessions

During a recession, the restaurant industry is usually one of the fastest and hardest hit. Americans just don’t go out to eat when they are concerned about how they will pay their bills the following month. Typically they turn to making the cheapest possible food at home, and they save the money they used to […]

9 Best Places to Eat In Maryland

If you’re looking for great places to eat in Maryland, you’ve found them! Maybe you’re searching for the best BBQ in Baltimore or for the best BBQ in Maryland in general. Perhaps you’re looking for more traditional cuisine like Greek or French. Or maybe you’re vegan or vegetarian, searching for the best eatery that serves fresh […]

6 Reasons Chaps is Hands-Down the Best BBQ in Maryland

Everyone loves good barbecue. A tender pile of meat, smothered with tangy sauce and slow-cooked to perfection. There is nothing like it. And there are so many different types of BBQ up and down the country. If you are looking for a place that is truly doing justice to this delicacy, Chap’s Pit Beef has […]