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Can BBQ Franchises Be Profitable?

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When considering a BBQ franchise, one of the first things people wonder about is profitability. And why not? Everyone wants to make money, and with a BBQ franchise, you will find that it is one of the best franchises to own. Also, BBQ franchises have a unique possibility to be profitable, if you are willing to put in the work and partner with a fantastic franchisor.

Here are just a few things that will help ensure that your BBQ franchise is profitable.

Growth Rate

Unlike other franchises that hit the market fast with restaurants popping up in every city within a year. Top long-term franchises know that slow and steady growth is the key to long-term success, meaning profit. Customers need to know that you will be around in order to give you their business time and time again.

Started in 1987 by Gus Glava, Chaps Pit Beef has been an established business for over 30 years, and their name is BBQ in the Baltimore and Aberdeen, Maryland. The Chaps family knows a thing or two about excellent BBQ. Not many franchises can claim that amount of solid history.

Start-up Costs for Franchises

Licensing fees are what the franchisor charges to be part of their brand. They are trusting you with their name, so they will want to make sure you are committed with a monetary investment. Even the largest BBQ franchises are still significantly smaller than the fast-food burger chains that we all know. Therefore, licensing fees for BBQ franchises are drastically lower than most other food-based franchises.

Franchisors charge additional royalties to stay part of their brand. The best franchises to own will set reasonable royalty rates that will not kill your profit margin. As one of the top franchises in the BBQ industry, Chaps Pit Beef offers the most reasonable rates in the industry. You can check out how they stack up against the competition here.

Proven Track Record

The most important aspect of a profitable BBQ franchise is going to be in the food and service. Where some franchisors fall short is, they do not offer the same high-quality food and excellent service at all the restaurants. This leads to a lack of confidence in the restaurant and in the franchise.

Top franchises will have a proven track record of quality food and service that goes above and beyond the cookie cutter franchises that flash and burn in just a few years. The best franchises to own will be based on the foundation of customer service and impeccable standards.

Chaps Pit Beef is the best BBQ franchise to own because the history speaks for itself. 30 years is a long time to establish quality standards that keep customers coming back time and time again. Now with multiple locations in Maryland and Delaware, the Chap’s Pit Beef franchise is expanding. There is no better time to get started. Find out more information on the Chap’s Pit Beef BBQ franchise opportunity today!

Lack of Competition

BBQ franchises are not like any other food franchise. Most small towns are covered with burger joints and other types of fast food. Many of them open within the same city block on purpose. They hope to pick up overflow from the others.
What sets BBQ franchises apart from other food franchises is they are still rare. Not every town has a BBQ restaurant. And in bigger cities, you will still only find a few. Because of the lack of competition, a BBQ franchise can be profitable, if you have the right plan and support.

Branding that Means Something

Whether you are looking for a small shopping mall or looking to have a stand-alone restaurant, your branding says a lot to your customers about who you are and the quality that you offer. Top franchises are companies that when someone hears their name, they know without question what that brand is. For example, in many places, people do not ask for facial tissue, they ask for a Kleenex. That is branding at it’s best.

When it comes to food, the customer’s need to know that your food tastes good and that they are going to be treated well. With an award-winning name and national recognition from those in the know, Chaps Pit Beef stands out.
Original recipes that have stood the test of time.

Just some of the recognition that Chaps has had over the years include:

  • Food Network’s Top Favorite Places to Eat!
  • Guy Fieri (from Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives) Favorite Sandwich!
  • “How to Say Barbecue in Baltimore” –  The New York Times
  • And “Best Grub in the US” – Travel Channel’s Man Food

Just imagine the confidence your customers will have in your food!

Complete Support for Your Franchise

How much support you are going to get from the franchisor is extremely important to your bottom line. There are those franchises out there that, for the right price, will hand over their brand to just about anyone. BUT that is where the relationship ends, except for their royalties.

Chaps Pit Beef believes in forming close, lasting relationships with their franchisees. Their BBQ franchisees become part of their family. They assist from the ground up, just some of the franchise support you will have include:

Prototype plans – from site selection to day-to-day operations, Chaps has spent the last 3 decades fine-tuning their restaurants to reflect the best in BBQ franchising opportunity.

On-site involvement – from initial training to regular checkups, you will never be left wondering what to do with the individualized franchise support.

And you have options with Chaps, we have plans and accommodations for all the following venues, and always looking to expand.

  • Shopping malls: 600-800 sq. ft.
  • Strip malls: 1,200-1,800 sq. ft.
  • Casinos: 800-1,000 sq. ft.
  • Stadiums: 1,000+ sq. ft.

Ready to learn more?

If you are looking to partner with a BBQ franchise that has a proven track record, excellent review, delicious food and offer the best support in the business, then get to know Chaps Pit Beef. For franchising information and to check out our sales package visit our page on BBQ Franchising.

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