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5 Reasons Chaps is One of America’s Newest Successful Franchises

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Chaps Pit Beef serves the best BBQ in Baltimore and the surrounding areas. They are one of the most successful franchises in the country right now, and there’s a good reason behind that. What started as one small restaurant in Baltimore, Maryland has grown into a new franchise and a cultural landmark.

Chaps Pit Beef boasts one of the most successful franchise models, as their success speaks for itself, which is not something many franchises can say. Chaps Pit Beef does not sacrifice quality in any of their locations, either. The food will be just as delicious in Pennsylvania as it is in the original location. Keep reading to find out more about why Chaps Pit Beef is one of the most successful new franchises in the country.

1. Award Winning and Nationally Recognized BBQ

Chaps Pit Beef has been featured in countless magazines, news articles, and television shows over the years, including many shows on The Food Network. Chaps Pit Beef has won awards and been recognized as one of the best new franchises on the East Coast, and in the country.

While awards and recognition don’t always mean good food, it is safe to say that if Guy Fieri calls it his favorite sandwich, it must be pretty delicious. Baltimore Magazine, a magazine that caters to and features local Baltimore businesses, voted Chaps Pit Beef as the Best of Baltimore for nearly 25 years.

If that’s not enough to convince you that Chaps Pit Beef is one of the most successful franchises on the East Coast, consider the fact that national newspapers, magazines, and news sources have also considered it one of the best restaurants in the country; it’s not just for locals. Across the country, Chaps Pit Beef is becoming a household name and a staple in the BBQ world.

2. Open 7 Days a Week

One of the best things about Chaps Pit Beef is the fact that they are open 7 days a week, 362 days a year. No matter the day or time of year, you can satisfy your BBQ cravings whenever they hit you.

Operating 7 days a week is something that sets Chaps Pit Beef apart from other new franchises. While it may be costly to operate a new business 7 days a week, it also gives more customers the opportunity to experience the delicious BBQ, and it creates customer loyalty that cannot be built otherwise.

3. Franchise Opportunities

Chaps Pit Beef recently started franchising, and so far it has been incredibly successful. It is such a good franchise to own for many reasons, which is why it has already branched out to 6 locations, with more in the works.

The startup costs and licensing fees of opening a Chaps Pit Beef franchise are very reasonable, especially compared to many other similar restaurants. They are very flexible in their franchising opportunities, and they do not let quality suffer at the hands of new franchises.

Chaps Pit Beef’s name precedes them, and customers know what to expect before they walk in the door. With all of the national recognition they have earned, they consider very carefully the folks that they want to open a franchise. Be comforted knowing that any franchise location you visit will be just as good as the original.

4. Six East-Coast Locations

With six franchise locations as of 2020, there are plenty of opportunities to get your pit BBQ fix on the East Coast. Their current locations include Baltimore, MD, Aberdeen, MD, Frederick, MD, Rohoboth Beach, DE, and their most recent additions to the family, Media, PA, and Glen Burnie, MD.

The Chaps Pit Beef location in Media, Pennsylvania is the first location in Pennsylvania, demonstrating their desire to serve a wider population, and making it easy for more customers to access their incredible food. This location happens to be located on Baltimore Pike, which seems very fitting for a restaurant known for being the best in Baltimore.

The Glen Burnie, Maryland location is the 4th franchise location to open in Maryland, so loyal customers all across the state can enjoy the delicious pit BBQ from just about anywhere!

5. Transparency

Chaps Pit Beef is very transparent with the ingredients they use in their food, and possible allergies they might affect. They also publish the cost of franchising their locations, as well as the application process for doing so. Not only that, but Chaps Pit Beef also posts their entire menu and prices on their website.

Many restaurants do not have the same level of transparency as Chaps Pit Beef, which is part of what makes it such a successful franchise. Customers always appreciate information about the food they are eating and the companies they are supporting, and Chaps Pit Beef understands and recognizes that importance.

If you ever make your way to Maryland, Delaware, or Pennsylvania, make sure you take a special trip to visit Chaps Pit Beef for the best BBQ in Baltimore. Their award-winning BBQ will certainly leave you full and satisfied, and you will understand why Chaps Pit Beef is considered one of the best new franchises in the country.

The quality of the food at Chaps Pit Beef, and their service, is unbeatable in any of their locations. No matter where you end up, you know you will be getting the best BBQ in Baltimore.

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