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9 Clever Ways to Celebrate National Pet Month

May is National Pet Month in the U.S. and it is the perfect time to take a pause in our hectic lives to celebrate the animals in our lives. Whether you live with a dog, cat, turtle or snake or even a whole menagerie, this is the perfect time to show your pet how much you love them. This is also a great time for advocacy for animal welfare.

Check out these 9 clever ways to celebrate National Pet Month:

1. Plan Some Special Outdoor Fun

Your active dogs and maybe even some cats will love it if you plan a special day filled with outdoor fun for you to share with them. Look for cool local nature spots to go for a hike or just pack up a blanket and snacks and head to the park. Your dog will love the freedom of being able to run around. Take a Frisbee to throw around for some extra fun. The exercise will be good for the both of you.

2. Throw a Party for your Pets

Who says parties are just for humans? Why not celebrate National Pet Month by throwing a special party for all your pets? Invite all your family and friends over with their pets too, just be careful about having too many wild animals running around the house. Make homemade treats for all the pets and of course supply food and drink for the humans too. Make your decorations and create fun games to play with your pets too. It will be a party you will never forget.

You can even have a special theme for the party like your favorite Disney movie. Lion King, Jungle Book and Lady and the Tramp are always fan favorites. Does your pet have a favorite Disney movie too?

3. Schedule a Photo Session

Has it been a while since you got really good photo taken of you and your pet? Commemorate your bond and this special month by either scheduling a professional photo shoot during the month or just have your own little shoot for some fun. Dress the photos up by using props and costumes. Just make sure you don’t overwhelm your furry buddy too much.

4. Help Out at Your Local Animal Shelter

This is also a great time to start volunteering at your local animal shelter if you are not doing so already. Go help clean out cages or walk the dogs or offer administrative support. You can also help them organize a fundraiser to support the shelter in honor of National Pet Month. It can be a walk where people participate with their dogs or dogs from the shelter or whatever creative ideas you come up with.

5. Organize Education Events

Work together with either your local animal shelter or animal welfare organization to offer National Pet Month education events at local schools and community organizations. The talks can be on various topics like pet health, pet behavior or pet safety. Also recruit veterinarians you might not know to give in depth talks from the medical side.

6. Take Your Pet on a Special Vacation

Are there national parks and other fun outdoor venues you have wanted to visit with your dog before? Find a pet-friendly hotel and go ahead and take your pet on a special vacation. You will be creating fun memories that will last you a lifetime. Just double check to make sure all the places on your itinerary are pet-friendly and pet-safe.

7. Buy Your Pet Some Special Treats & Toys

Don’t wait for Christmas or their birthday, use this special month as a chance to spoil your pet a little. Get his favorite treats and chew toys and watch how happy you make him. Sometimes it is just the little things that we crave. A little attention and signs of love will make your pet so happy.

8. Adopt a New Pet

There are still so many animals who need forever homes that shelters can’t take care of them all. If you don’t have a pet right now and have always wanted one, this is a great time to adopt. Also, if you already have pets, but you think they would like company, than you can also add to your family.

9. Enter Into Fun Contests

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