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6 Types of Outside Events Perfect for BBQ Catering

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With the COVID-19 pandemic forcing a lot of restaurants to close their doors and open their remote delivery services, it is the perfect time for some BBQ catering! Despite COVID-19 fears, people can still safely gather outside for all sorts of outdoor events, and when people gather you need food!

BBQ catering is one of the best options to feed a massive gathering at events, because who doesn’t love a good helping of some fine barbeque? No matter how many people you have at the event, some good BBQ Catering will leave everyone happy with full stomachs. Even if the event is a little different due to our new normal, people will always remember the food!

Here are some of the best events that need a little barbeque to become perfect!

Corporate Catering

Even though businesses are adapting to the new normal and shuttering their office doors, there are still socially distant corporate gatherings that are bringing old coworkers and colleagues back together. There’s a sense of camaraderie in the air that you just don’t get whenever you communicate with someone through a computer, and a good meal will make it even better.

You want everyone focused on seeing one another and talking about their lives, not worrying if there is a food they like on the buffet table. There are dozens of BBQ options for corporate catering, so every employee will get what they want and won’t need to turn away from the food. With the eating out of the way, they can focus on catching up with their workmates.


Wedding plans have proven to be more resilient than ever in the face of the pandemic, and you need to make sure that your wedding goes off without a hitch. Foodwise, our wedding catering has got you covered! We can serve food that allows each and every guest to customize their own plate, rather than blindly selecting beef or chicken and hoping for the best.

Additionally, our staff can act as servers and will be able to prepare the food, clean up, and make sure everything goes off without a hitch. You won’t need to worry about the food at all, although we do recommend everyone has enough napkins for the wedding, BBQ sauce and fancy clothing do not mix well.

Graduation Celebrations

Even with the switch to online learning, the students of the world are still progressing through their school work and graduating high school and college. All their hard work, especially in this trying time deserves our respect. Families can still celebrate their children with a graduation party, and what party would be good without BBQ?

This is the time for your student to eat, drink, and finally relax, so let us bring them their favorite foods and allow them to have a good meal. BBQ catering was made for hanging out with friends and family, and instead of focusing on the food everyone can instead focus on the student and their accomplishments.


Whether it is a fundraiser for the doctors and nurses putting their lives on the line on the front lines of fighting COVID-19, or a fundraiser to help those in need, people need our time and donations more than ever. Of course, people with full stomachs are more likely to empty their wallets, so why not fill them with some good Barbeque?

Barbeque is universally loved, if you know that every attendee is enjoying themselves and getting a good meal, you can focus on the fundraiser. After all, happy attendees mean more enthusiasm for the cause, which translates to more money for people who need it!


Even if your birthday bash isn’t as fun or as big as it could have been this year, that’s no need to have lousy food. If you need BBQ delivery then our team is prepared and ready to get it to you! We offer only the best barbeque catering, and we will deliver your choice of food to you on time.

Backyard birthday gatherings offer an intimate affair that keeps the focus on the birthday boy or girl, and having the smoky smell of all your favorite barbeque foods in the air makes the day better!

After all, doesn’t a good meal make all that cake and ice cream so much sweeter? Call upon our professionals to help you out, and we’ll help make your birthday unforgettable.

A Reopening Party

Whether you are planning one in the future or are about to have one soon, the reopening of your business represents a return to normal in the post COVID world. Celebrate your business coming back, no matter how long it has been, by throwing a party with some of the best BBQ catering around.

Our team is ready to bring the food to you, and provide the perfect meal for your celebration. Fresh meat, good sides, and great desserts will only add to the party because no one will be disappointed over their plate. Even if you don’t know when you will reopen, you should still make sure to start planning your reopening party.

Your business will reopen soon, and our team will be there for you when it does, ready to cater for your reopening party.

We Can Serve Any Outdoor Event!

For every single outdoor event, there’s always a reason to chow down on some barbeque! If you want your event catered with efficiency and care, then our team is the best choice to call. Everyone loves barbecue, and our team loves serving it and watching everyone smile as the event goes on.

There’s just something about it that seems to bring people together, and we love watching it unite people over their shared love of the food.

We are happy to work with you, and we can’t wait until outdoor events become the norm once again. Because that day is coming soon, and our pitmasters will be prepared to host a lot of victory feasts

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