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5 Ways to Help Those In Need This Holiday Season

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This year more people are in need of some extra holiday spirit than ever before. For those that are struggling to eat or find a roof to sleep under, there’s much more to worry about than managing holiday spending for family gifts.

If you’re lucky enough to be in the position where you can give something to those that need it, this holiday season is one of the best times to do it. However, a lot of folks don’t really know much about how to go about it.

This list will help give you a few ideas on what to do to help those in need. Of course, there are plenty of other creative ways to give back during the holidays but anything off of this list will surely be appreciated by those that need it!

#1 Donate Food

A tradition that is as old as Christmas itself. If you have a little extra food to give away, this is one of the worst things that people can struggle with and is a basic necessity that everyone should have.

There are food banks that you can donate to that are available in all kinds of different locations. They take in food of all varieties and so long as your food isn’t home prepared or unsafe to eat, they will take it and gladly give it to someone who needs it.

You will most often see a lot of canned food get donated but, if you live in the Maryland area and really want to give away something delicious, it is a great idea to head to a local BBQ chain and give the wonderful gift of some Baltimore BBQ!

Either way, everybody needs a square meal and certainly deserves one over the holidays. Donating food is always appreciated to those that are struggling to find ways to eat.

#2 Donate Some Extra Cash

There are plenty of charities out there who will take in money donations that all go to a great cause. Honestly, pick your favorite, there are all kinds that will put your money towards the people/service you think needs it the most this holiday season.

Plus, due to the CARES act this year, donations of up to $300 are tax deductible. So even if your budget is tight due to the pandemic, you can still get a bit back on your tax forms this year alone!

Much like food, you can always help those in need with a bit of money. Some would even say donating money is better because not only could they spend it on food, but any other basic necessity they might need.

#3 Donate Presents

It wouldn’t be the holiday season without a little gift giving right? Now, these presents don’t have to be anything extravagant. If anything, donating some hand-me-downs or even some old toys can brighten up the holidays of those struggling.

If your kids have outgrown some old clothes, wash them and take them over to a shelter who can give them to those that don’t have the means to buy them. A local children’s hospital will almost certainly take some old toys as well if your kids have outgrown them as well.

For those that celebrate Christmas, you know the feeling of waking up that morning and looking at a tree full of presents underneath. You can help those in need feel that same feeling and be a Santa for them in these tough times.

#4 Donate Pet Food

For those that love animals it is a great idea to give our furry friends a reason to feel loved these holidays. Donating pet food or pet toys is always a wonderful way to make sure they are included in the holiday festivities as well.

Animal shelters always have the need for more supplies and will absolutely take whatever pet food you can give them. Whether it is dog food, cat food, bird food, or anything else, it will be greatly appreciated.

Plus, even if you can’t donate food, they will gladly take beds or toys that the pets can use to rest in or play with. The animals down at the shelter are also struggling and could always use a little extra help over the holidays.

If you want to take it a step further, you could even organize a group that can promote pet adoptions. Of course, the best present you can give an animal down at the shelter is a comfortable home and a loving new family.

#5 Use Social Media to Promote Your Cause

Something about social media just gets all kinds of people to pay attention! This is a great way to get people interested in the cause you want to support and bring everyone together this holiday season.

This one ties back into all the points before. Whether you want to organize a food drive, pool together some money, get a bunch of presents together, or find some people interested in pet adoption, getting the word out on social media is the way to go.

Especially now, more people spend their time online and are more likely to see your posts and spring to action. If you’re looking for money or food to donate, ask for a small amount and you’ll be amazed at how many people have some to spare.

Once a community is on board with helping those in need, the holiday season becomes that much brighter. Everyone comes together and it is just a wonderful sight to see.


There are plenty of other ways you can help those in need during the holidays but keep in mind all the options on this list. These 5 ways are all great ways to help provide a great holiday to those who could really use one.

The fact that you’re reading this proves you care and for that, thank you for being a good and caring person. We hope that you can encourage others to help out even a little over this special time of year and that you continue to give to those who are not as fortunate.

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