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11 Franchise Businesses That Are Perfect for Fans of Food & Sports

If you love the combination of good eats and sports, and are looking for the perfect franchise to join, why not find one that caters to customers who also share your passions. Check out these 11 franchise businesses that are perfect for fans of food and sports:

1. Chaps Pit Beef

Nothing says sports and tailgating more than barbecue. That’s why Chaps Pit Beef is always a favorite at sporting events and considered a best new franchise. Our pit beef sandwiches keep bringing our fans back for more and these juicy sandwiches are perfect to enjoy while you are watching the game, whether it is from the stadium or one of our restaurants or even the comfort from your home.

We have franchising opportunities available if you want to join our team. Franchises start at $400K

2. Tony Luke’s

Known for its quintessential Philly cheesesteak, Tony Luke’s franchises are also perfect for fans of food and sport. What goes better with a ballgame than a cheesesteak and a cold brew? Become a part of the age old debate of who makes the best Philadelphia cheesesteak. Tony Luke’s is currently looking to expand its territory. Franchises run between $250K- $500K.

3. Buffalo Wild Wings

At every Buffalo Wild Wings, there are around 50 TV screens for you to enjoy watching your favorite sports teams. And their tasty wings are the perfect treat to chomp down on while cheering them on. Every one of Buffalo Wild Wings is designed to make the customer feel like they are sitting in a stadium. Franchises start at $750,000.

4. The Green Turtle Sports Bar & Grill

At The Green Turtle Sports Bar & Grill, it is all about community and everyone hanging out and having a good time. Their casual atmosphere is family-friendly and is all about sports and good food. Their menu includes burgers, sandwiches, wraps, tacos and other perfect game day foods. Franchises start at $500K.

5. Glory Days Grill

Glory Days Grill is a sports-themed restaurant that was founded in Fairfax, Virginia. With their delicious American cuisine and family-friendly atmosphere, they are a popular spot to come get a bite to eat and watch the game. Bring the whole family to enjoy a fun meal out. Franchises start at $750K.

6. Chickie & Pete’s

Started in Philadelphia, Chickie & Pete’s has always had a close relationship with sports fans, especially Philadelphia Eagles fans. Their Crab fries are a big draw for all sports lovers with their unique flavoring and cheese sauce. And you can enjoy them at their various locations, stadiums and even at home.

7. All Star Wings & Ribs

This sports-themed restaurant franchise displays flags of the world to celebrate the different countries of world. Popular in both the U.S. and Canada, All Star Wings & Ribs is looking to expand their territory further. Franchises start at 650K.

8. Chili’s

Chili’s originated in Dallas, Texas in the 70s and today they have over 1,000 locations and a popular place for sports fans to enjoy the game. They have a large bar area with large televisions for people to enjoy the game while ordering their favorites drinks and eats. Chili’s estimated startup costs is about 1M.

9. Fox and Hound

The Fox and Hound and Bailey’s Sports Grille originally started in Wichita, Kansas, but now has locations across the U.S. Besides delicious food and drink, they also offer up sports and billiards for their customers to enjoy. They have a wide variety of beers on tap for you to enjoy while cheering your team on.

10. Friends American Grill

The Friends American Grill is all about good entertainment and good food. At all their locations, they offer great music, fun game viewing and of course plenty of good food and drink. On the menu is quintessential American cuisine and plenty of cold beers on tap. Currently in Georgie, they are looking to expand its territories and have plenty of franchise opportunities available.

11. The All American Steakhouse

The All-American Steakhouse just started franchising in 2017 and is growing by leaps and bounds. Known for their signature steaks and fun atmosphere, customers love to enjoy a satisfying meal while watching their favorite teams on the big screens. Steak lovers won’t want to miss out. Franchises start around 1.5M.

Passion for what you do is so important in the franchise industry. If you love sports and good food and drink, then why not join a franchise that caters to both? For more information about franchise businesses that are perfect for fans of food and sports, give us a call today. At Chaps Pit Beef, we know how important sports fans feel about their game day food and we are one of the best franchising opportunities available today. With our special brand of BBQ, our pit beef sandwiches are always a hit. Don’t wait any longer to find out why we are one of the top franchises to own.

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